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Antigua and Barbuda



Antigua and Barbuda are two islands in the Eastern Caribbean chain. Antigua, has an area of 108 square miles, (280 square kilometers) while Barbudai, is 62 square miles (160 square kilometers) in area,


Specific traces of these parent cultures as well as influences from other Caribbean islands (e.g., reggae fromJamaica) are still very evident in this emergent culture. Before Christopher Columbus arrived in 1493,Antigua and Barbudahad the Carib names of Wadadli and Wa'omoni, respectively.


Antigua and Barbuda is more than just sun, azure-blue waters and an astounding 365 white and pink beaches. Here, the beach is just the beginning. The twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda provides the ultimate escape with its rich colonial heritage, first class hotels and resorts, sporting history, leisure activities, captivating culture and epicurean delights.

Antigua and Barbuda boasts of 365 beaches -a beach for every day of the year… But be careful of the shiny black urchins on the beaches- its spines can prick you and at times can also enter your skin.





Antigua is the perfect island for your vacation. If you are just looking for sun and relaxation you can choose from 365 beaches to relax on and then opt for some spa services. If you are interested in exploring the island,Antigua has many tour companies that can show you all the natural, historical and cultural sites. Finally if you are looking for some action, you can find a variety of water sports and active tours.



To the north, a short plane or ferry ride away, is Barbuda,Antigua’s sister island. A truly undiscovered gem, this sparsely populated island has many attractions and is well worth a day trip.


St. John's

The most colorful sight of St. John's is the Saturday morning market, when many islanders come into the capital to hawk everything from birds and luscious fruits to beautiful flowers and handicrafts. The sights, sounds, and smells of Antigua are at their photographic best here from 8 am to noon.


Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

TheMuseum of Antigua and Barbuda is a museum in St. John's. It is housed in the colonial Court Hou se, constructed in 1747 on the site of the first city market, and is the oldest building still in use in the city.


Mosquito Cove Beach

Except for yachters, adventure seekers and local villagers, this beach has largely been kept secret. It's a short drive off the main road, but well worth it. The road from Bolans Village is bumpy, so rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle if possible. The beach has an incredible vista with two large tamarind trees framing the turquoise sea.

English Harbour

English Harbour. This tiny (population of 759), but scenic settlement is a great place to wander around in and enjoy the old-fashioned buildings while learning about the nation's colonial roots. English Harbour is best known for the many historic sites it is home to including Nelson's Dockyard, a restored British colonial naval station.


Nelson’s Dockyard is one of the most important tourist attractions in Antigua. It is located in Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. The name comes from Horatio Nelson, who was once a commander in the dockyard. The dockyard is about 45 minute drive away from the capital of St. John’s.


Shirley Heights

Come for the views, stay for the party -- that seems to be the prevailing attitude at Shirley Heights, one of the most breathtaking viewpoints in the Caribbean. 



A tiny village, Codrington sits on the edge of a lagoon. This is the only village of the island and houses most of the population.

The Island boasts of a 56 ft high tower,Martello Tower and fort .


Long Island

Long Island is an island off the northeast coast of Antigua. It is located off the northern tip of the Parham Peninsula, and is the fifth largest island of Antigua and Barbuda.

The beaches in Antigua aren't usually known for their peace and quiet, but Long Island Beach North is less exposed than the others, making it a good choice for travelers who aren't fond of huge throngs of tourists.


Antigua Recreation Ground

Antigua Recreation Ground is the national stadium of Antigua and Barbuda. It is located in St. John's, on the island of Antigua. The ground has been used by the West Indies cricket team and Antigua and Barbuda national football team.



General Info.


Capital: St. John's

Population: 89,018

Language: English

Currency: The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$ or XCD)

Religion: Mostly Anglican

Climate: in Antigua is warm and breezy most of the year making it perfect for vacations year round.

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