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Kuwait is situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf, in the northwest corner of the Arabian Peninsula;Kuwaitis one of the smallest countries in the world in terms of land area.

Kuwait is an oil-rich state and offers visitors a relatively relaxed entry into the Islamic world. One can wonder around mosques, markets and other sandy traces of the bygone Bedouin days, or retreat into the opulence of glitzy hotels and shopping malls.

Kuwait is full of history and culture and represents a diverse scene full of music, eateries, and terrain for all sorts of enthusiasts.

Kuwait is extraordinary. There are so many places to explore that it really does take some time to even figure out where to go first. The cosmopolitan nature of the place and the ultra modern city belie the hidden treasures of the country and the natural environment.

Kuwait is a land with a deep-rooted history, a unique part of the world where ancient culture stands alongside modern day developments.  Prosperous, colourful and cosmopolitan, there is something in Kuwait for every kind of traveler.




The Liberation Tower


Offering a beautiful view of theKuwaitcity, it is named so after the triumph in Gulf War overIraq, these are the 5th highest telecommunication towers in the world and the highest in the middle-east region.



The Kuwait Towers


Kuwait Towers were opened in 1979. The towers have become to the city what Utzon's opera house is to Sydney and the Eiffel Tower to Paris. The three towers serve as water towers, restaurant and a lookout turret. The smallest of the towers only serves the purpose of illuminating the others.


National Museum


The National Museum is located at Arabian Gulf in Street in Safat. The museum houses many art pieces from the Al-Sabah collection as well as other historic treasures and artifacts. The museum houses a planetarium as well.



Failaka Island


Failaka Island is the most beautiful and famous islands of Kuwait. Manifested as "Failacha" locally, it is amongst the highly visited tourist destinations of the country.


Entertainment City


The Entertainment City is the Disneyland of Kuwait. The City is located 20 Kilometers from Kuwait City. It provides a complete range of entertainment for every member in the family. Children and grownups alike can spend an extraordinary day visiting various parks: Arab World, International World and Future World. It is as if you live in a world different from your real world.


Science and Natural History Museum


The Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum is among the finest of all the museums in Kuwait, and offers deep insights into the culture of Kuwait and its people. Exploring the innovative nature of this fascinating country, the museum provides a remarkable showcase of scientific and technological advancements that have made a significant impact on the everyday life of the Kuwaitis.


Kuwait Science Club


Is situated on the sixth Ring Road and comprise a wide range of facilities and the latest scientific hardware including the Aujairy Observatory. The club aims to create a casual environment for people of all ages to develop their scientific knowledge and hobbies.


Liberation Monuments


The site of a bloody battle between the Kuwaitis and the Iraqis just before Liberation, Al-Qurain House is now a museum dedicated to those who laid their lives. It is situated in the new Qurain housing area.


Sadu House


Al-Sadu is a heritage structure, integral to the preservation of the Bedouin and Kuwaiti handmade industries. Al-Sadu is representative of weaving as well as the loom itself. Traditionally the women folk of the nomads would virtually spin out their tents and the furnishings on their hand looms.


The Scientific Center


The Scientific Center of Kuwait is a gift from the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to the people ofKuwait.  The mission of The Scientific Center is dedicated to the advancement of the sciences and cultural heritage ofKuwait, and to promote public awareness, knowledge of and commitment to the care and preservation of the wildlife and ecosystems of the Arabian Gulf region.


Mosques and cathedrals


The mosques and cathedrals are some famous places of sightseeing at Kuwait. The decoration of these mosques and churches display a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. The famous religious sites are Grand Mosque in Kuwait,


Amusement and Recreational Parks


Visiting the amusement parks in Kuwait is an important part of sightseeing in Kuwait. The Kuwait amusement parks have all that is required to entertain the visitors. Amusement park is a place where people visit so that they can get refreshed from their routine life and works.


Municipal Gardens


The Municipality maintains various public gardens around the country. The most popular among them is in the Fahd Al-Salem Street. All gardens are designed well with naturally shaded areas.


Zoological Park


Zoological gardenof Kuwait is an interesting delight to both children as well as adults. The Zoological Garden of Kuwait houses 129 species of birds, 65 species of animals and five species of reptiles apart from other animals such as tigers, lions, zebras, elephants and giraffes.


General Info.:

Capital: Kuwait City

Population: 2,646,314

Language: Arabic is the national language. English however is widely understood and spoken

Currency: Kuwaiti dinar (KD)

Religion: Islam 85% (Sunni 70%, Shiite 30%); Christian, Hindu, Parsi, and other 15%

Climate: Kuwait has a continental climate characterized by its dry hot long summer and short warm winter with occasional rainfalls. Dusty storms often occur during the summer months. The relative humidity increases and temperature sometimes reaches 50 °C under shadow.


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